Tharun Bhascker is a talented telugu filmmaker who made a strong directorial debut with pelli choopulu in 2016. At the time, it was a huge success. Tharun followed up pelli choopulu with Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi in 2018. He has yet to complete his third film. Meanwhile, Tharun recently appeared as a star guest on the famous chat show Alitho Saradaga. This episode's promo was just released the other day.

In this interview, Tharun disclosed several interesting information about his personal and professional life. Tharun mentions in the trailer that he has received a remake offer from salman Khan. He also travelled to mumbai and spoke with a bollywood actor to discuss the matter. Tharun, on the other hand, declined the offer in the end.

He could be referring to the remake of Pelli Choopulu. We'll have to watch the entire programme to learn more about the happened. Tharun also says in the trailer that vijay deverakonda is his trump card and that he will create a film with him if he has two or three flops in a row. On May 30, etv will broadcast the entire show. In bollywood, karan johar is known for throwing expensive parties, and his golden jubilee birthday was no exception. At a mumbai studio, a magnificent film set was created for the celebration, the red carpet was decked out, and the theme was all things bling. Inside videos from the party have gone popular on the internet, showing bollywood stars dancing their hearts out while the dj kept playing.

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