The popularity of Suriya's Rolex part in vikram reached entirely new heights. Suriya's entry as Rolex caused the theatres to shake for a moment, according to kamal haasan himself. Additionally, the mention of Karthi's "Delhi" in khaidi has its own fan base. What might Rolex and Dilli do as a team? or when they face off each other in a mighty clash? We got a glimpse during the audio launch of Karthi's new movie.

At a recent event, Suriya asked about it, and he responded. Suriya and karthi were present at the latter's Viruman celebration. The audience's attendees began yelling "Rolex" as Suriya prepared to speak. What would Rolex and delhi want to do, queried the Suriya? karthi retorted that they both used to quarrel frequently. Wait and see; the moment will decide, Suriya interjects.

Suriya also uttered the sentence, "Yes Sir! In front of karthi, Suriya said, "No Sir, Okay Sir!," but they both laughed before he could finish. Since Vikram, there have been rumours that the roles of Rolex and delhi will be combined for lokesh Kanakaraj's upcoming vikram film. Additionally, lokesh hinted at the possibility of a vikram sequel. Watching Rolex and delhi in their threatening appearances and behaviours would undoubtedly be enjoyable. We must wait and see, like Suriya suggested.

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