The bjp is in power at the federal level thanks to "Hindu Sentiment," the trs is in power in telangana thanks to "Regional and Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai Sentiment," and the YSRCP is in power in andhra pradesh thanks to "Anti Kamma-Rule Sentiment."

What "Sentiment Drama" is this? people don't vote for welfare and development, do they? Do they give into "sentiment"?

Before going any farther with this, it is important to comprehend the current state of affairs in this country and the psychological effects that some gamechangers have had on voters.

Let's go back in time one by one.

The days when people would starve to death are long gone. It is obvious because such news hasn't been published in a daily for a while. Numerous religious institutions, NGOs, and private citizens provide daily free meals in our area. We observe several similar government programmes as well. Many orphanages, foundations, and charitable organisations look after the fundamental requirements of the desolate.

Even the beggars at certain traffic lights in indian towns frequently choose to accept money instead of food. india is the world's largest food producer yet there are no signs of a food crisis everywhere. In india, everyone may have access to the market-available vegetables of their choosing. Even the most impoverished people have access to food to satisfy their hunger. In response to Sri Lanka's ongoing food crisis, india could send food in cargoes to its neighbour. As a result, there hasn't been a food shortage or any reports of deaths from starvation, thus there hasn't been any need to challenge the governments in this regard recently.

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