The illegal resort erected by Pulkit Arya, the bjp leader's son suspected of killing 19-year-old receptionist Ankita Bhandari, was razed by the Pauri administration. Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister of uttarakhand, declared on saturday that he has directed the destruction of all of the accused's illegally built resorts. "I've ordered all DMs to take legal action against any resorts that were built without a permit. The resort of the accused was targeted by the operation. There will be forensic and other tests performed, therefore sealing is being done. But the action will go on "ANI cited him as stating this.

The police discovered the receptionist's body in the Cheela Canal on saturday morning, reportedly placed there by the accused. The resort's owner is the prime suspect, Arya. He is the offspring of Haridwar-based bjp leader Vinod Arya. The leader had previously served as the board's chairman for uttarakhand Mata Kali. For Ankita's slaying, Dhami has assembled a special investigative team under the direction of DIG P Renuka Devi. He claimed that the Yamkeshwar block of the Pauri district is where the resort was built illegally.

Police have also detained resort manager Saurabh bhaskar and assistant manager Ankit Gupta in addition to Arya. The woman was allegedly killed by the group, who then discarded her body in the lake. police claimed they tried to obstruct the investigation but later acknowledged their mistake. After her parents did not discover her in her room on monday morning, they reported her missing to a revenue police outpost.

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