Is President Xi jinping under house arrest? What is the truth?

News that has gone viral on social media has caused a stir across the world. news is spreading on twitter that Chinese President Xi jinping is under house arrest in a coup by the Chinese military. It is said that the Chinese army is preparing to arrest President Xi jinping at home and seize his power. This is what happened in Myanmar and pakistan a few years ago. The hashtag #XiJinping is generating thousands of tweets on Twitter. However, China's official media has remained silent on the matter so far.
Some Chinese social media users have claimed that Xi jinping is under house arrest. Apart from this, the Chinese People's Liberation army (PLA) is said to have removed Xi jinping from the post of president and taken over the government. In this, the name of General Li Jiaming is also heavily hit. It is said that Chinese President Li Keming has been sworn in as the new president of China.However, till now, such news has not been confirmed. international journalists say it's just rumored. Channels such as Global Times, CNN, or BBC that provide news about china have not confirmed this. Under such circumstances, the reality is that Xi jinping has not been placed under house arrest, nor has there been a coup in China. It is reported that a large number of flights have been canceled in china for the past few days.
 60 percent of flights were canceled on Friday. As protests against Xi jinping have been mounting for the past few days, there have been reports of his arrest. However, the reason for the cancellation of the flights is not known. Notably, recently, a former minister considered to be his enemy has been sentenced to death for bribery.

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