The tdp started spreading rumours on social media that the krishnam raju Memorial was created to suppress the votes of the kshatriya Community. In the ntr Memorial case, the same media was deaf. The tdp media is now wailing foul out of jealousy as ycp is the organisation sponsoring this memorial. Krishanm Raju was an andhra pradesh native. What's wrong with a memorial shining a light on him? What's wrong if Krishnam Raju's memorial is put where NTR's memorial was when it was built in the middle of the city?

Why did Chandrababu go to Krishnam Raju's house after he passed away? Was that done to sway Raju's votes? rrr is also residing there while tdp casts a shadow over him. Is the goal of this to win Raju over to the TDP? It's okay if some stupid individuals disagree to Krishnam Raju's memorial. However, this sort of information is concocted by the so-called mainstream media outlets. This can be explained by the concern over losing Raju supporters to the YCP. More so than Chandrababu, his allied media extensively analyses every state-related event. social media users who are following the news are asking, "If it was acceptable for ntr "Chowdhary," why not for Krishnam "Raju"?"

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