K chandrasekhar Rao, chief minister of telangana rashtra samithi, has been adamant for a while that the state assembly elections will go place in december 2023 as scheduled. He made the same announcement at a recent gathering of the telangana Bhavan-based trs legislative party, parliamentary party, and state executive. There is no question about moving up the elections, his son and trs working president K T Rama Rao also informed reporters.

But it's believed that KCR's intention to call early polls was made plain to the bharatiya janata party leadership. "He won't follow through on what he says in public. He wants to surprise the opposition parties with his swift decisions, according to a bjp leader. R S praveen Kumar, a former member of the IPS and leader of the Bahujan Samaj party in telangana, also declared that the chief minister would move up the assembly elections and urged party members to prepare for them.

There is every chance of holding assembly elections in seven or eight months, according to senior trs leader and vice-chairman of the telangana state planning board Boinapalli Vinod Kumar. He stated during a meeting on friday that "everyone is under the impression that there is still one more year to go for the assembly elections in the state, but my view is that there will be elections in seven or eight months." Since vinod kumar is seen as KCR's right hand, his remarks must be taken carefully. Nobody is more knowledgeable about KCR's thoughts than Vinod.

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