The padayatra of Y S sharmila, the president of the ysr telangana party and the sister of andhra pradesh chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy, is scheduled to expire in a few weeks but has received little media or public attention thus far. However, on Monday, out of nowhere, sharmila Padayatra caused quite a stir in state politics as a result of a fight between members of her party and the telangana rashtra samithi, the party in power, in the warangal district's Lingagiri hamlet.

On the 223rd day of Sharmila's padayatra, a group of trs members attacked her convoy and yelled anti-Sharmila and pro-TRS chief minister K chandrasekhar Rao chants. They were demonstrating in response to her contentious remarks on trs lawmaker Peddireddy Sudershan reddy from Narsampet. Evidently, sharmila charged reddy with engaging in land grabbing and extortion. I was informed that Narsampet has two MLAs since Peddireddy's wife also acts like an mla by seizing land. They have transformed into a land mafia and are grabbing every square inch of property in the district. Why should the public support such individuals? It was her.

The enraged trs employees set fire to her caravan, where she rests during lunchtime and again in the evening, after attacking her convoy with sticks and stones, damaging some vehicles. Before the YSRTP staff put out the fire, the bus was already partially burned. Conflict between the two groups resulted from the YSRTP workers' resistance to the trs workers' assault. Before the police arrived, the trs employees left the area, but sharmila was apprehended and taken to Hyderabad. When the YSRTP employees held a protest and blocked the highways, the police had to use force to scatter them.

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