Apparently, rumours that malaika arora and arjun kapoor were dating for a while went widespread. As a result of the couple's repeated indirect confirmations of the rumours, they have since established themselves as the go-to couple in bollywood for gossip. With the most recent rumour being about their pregnancy, their personal life has grown more intriguing for the rumour mills.

Despite the fact that malaika is 49 and arjun is 37, both of them are well-liked despite their different ages. The actress is currently in london for tests, according to recent rumours from a reputable bollywood blog, and the couple is expecting their first kid. arjun kapoor attacked the report on his instagram a few hours after it hit the headlines, calling it not only unfounded but also insensitive and unethical. The portal quickly removed their article after he responded.

Arjun concluded his statement by adding, "This is not done. Don't try to meddle in our private lives," implying that the website and article may soon face legal action. Well, sometimes the truth is recorded as rumours, and other times rumours don't come to pass. The latter is the case, even though it shouldn't have happened given the actress's pregnancy.

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