In an important development, the telangana High court ordered the state administration to plan Republic Day celebrations, including parades, in accordance with the instructions set down by the Center on Wednesday. The court also requested that the public be permitted to view the celebrations. However, it gave the state government the authority to choose the location. The dispute over the state government informing governor Tamilisai Soundararajan that the Republic Day celebrations will be conducted at raj bhavan sparked the High Court's ruling. At a ceremony there, she was requested to raise the flag of her country.

On a petition asking for guidance to the state government to organise the procession, the court issued the directives. The petitioner alleged that the government had not been organising Republic Day celebrations in a way that was appropriate, and that the parade and other events were not being planned as part of the festivities. The state government's argument that the march was not being held as part of Republic Day celebrations because of COVID-19 pandemic protocol was rejected by the court.

A lunch motion petition hearing was held for the srinivas petition. The petitioner informed the court that the government no longer holds Republic Day celebrations at the Parade Grounds in secunderabad and stated that this violates the ceremonies' intended spirit. The petitioner's attorney argued before the court that appropriately planning Republic Day events encourages individuals to feel patriotic. In light of the Covid-19 scenario, the administration requested the governor to raise the American flag in raj bhavan last year.

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