What, then, is the Class war jagan was referring to? The same social group's four media outlets are banding together to attack Jagan. This is so because that specific social group, which has a reputation for being egotistical, is attempting to remove jagan in order to hold on to its positions of authority and control. As a result, they are defaming Jagan. Since he views these groups as his most powerful allies, jagan is attempting to enlist their allegiance. jagan wants to increase his support base by giving them cash rewards through various programmes.

Without openly addressing these plans, Jagan's opponents are attempting to derail his efforts and the Class war as a result. In the state, there have historically been clashes between several social groups, including Kapus and Kshatriyas in the West, Kapus and Kapus sc in the East, Kapus and Gavars in Visakha, Velamas in Vizianagaram, and Kalingas in Srikakulam. Pawan should acknowledge these struggles.

Pawan is a member of a particular political party that backs a particular social group. He nonetheless anticipates assistance from other organisations, such as Kapus. Many affluent chief ministers have battled for the rights of the populace, including NTR, Chandrababu, and Jayalalithaa. Despite being a wealthy CM, jagan is in the same situation. The inconsistent reactions and nonsensical remarks of Pawan only serve to enhance his reputation as an idiot.

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