Post-Mortem examination came..!? How did vani jayaram die?

The post-mortem report on the death of popular playback singer vani jayaram, who has sung more than a thousand songs in 19 languages including Tamil, has been released. Popular playback singer vani jayaram passed away yesterday. As she was found dead with a blow to his head, the police registered a case and were investigating his death as unnatural. Apart from that, vani Jayaram's body was kept for tribute only after the post-mortem was done yesterday. Many celebrities are also paying tribute to her body. This morning, chief minister M.K.Stalin personally visited the body of singer vani jayaram in Nungambakkam and paid his respects. In this case, the postmortem report of singer vani jayaram has been released. In it, the cause of death of vani jayaram is stated to be the injury she received on her head when she fell down. It is also reported that vani jayaram was hit on the head after falling on the 2 feet high old table in the bedroom. From the wound on the forehead and the blood stain on the edge of the table, it is certain that singer vani jayaram died due to falling on the table and hitting her head, and this has also been confirmed by the forensic examination. It has been mentioned in the postmortem report that at the time of vani Jayaram's death, no outsiders came to her house. After analyzing the forensic test, post-mortem report, and CCTV footage, the police have informed that there is no doubt about vani Jayaram's death.

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