Earthquake in india soon? Dutch researcher's Prediction..!?

Dutch researcher Frank Hoogerbeets, who predicted the earthquake in turkey, syria, and lebanon 3 days before its arrival, has said that an earthquake will also occur in India. Netherlands-based researcher Frank Hoogerbeets posted on his twitter page that a magnitude 7.8 earthquake is likely to occur in turkey and syria on the 3rd. Similarly, at 4.10 am last Monday, the epicenter was 33km from the town of Gaziantep on the Turkey-Syria border, followed by aftershocks. It has turned both countries upside down.
According to reports, 11,000 people have died in syria and turkey so far. The World health Organization has warned that up to 20,000 people may die. In Turkey's border towns, houses, buildings, and shopping malls are piled up like mountains. Rescuers are searching for survivors in the ruins. Thousands have been rescued and hospitalized with injuries.In this case, earthquakes may occur soon in india, Pakistan, and afghanistan, and Frank Hoogerbeetz has warned that the earthquake will start from Afghanistan. Pakistan's punjab Minister Muhammad Ibrahim posted a video of HoogerBeats on his twitter page. In it he said that turkey and syria earthquake was predicted 3 days before its arrival, Dutch researcher HoogerBeats has warned that a large earthquake may soon be centered in Afghanistan. The earthquake that starts in afghanistan passes through Pakistan, and india and ends in the indian Ocean, he said.
In the video, HoogerBeats said that these areas are the most prone to large earthquakes. However, the terrain in this region is rough and these predictions are approximate. It is also uncertain whether all earthquakes cause major damage. Nature never introduces itself in advance. However, netizens have criticized and opposed HoogerBeat's prediction. Everything HegerBeats says doesn't happen. No one can predict nature. HegerBeats has been criticized for knowing how many times the prediction has come true and how many times it hasn't.

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