In a five star hotel, krishna Das (Vishwak Sen) works as a server. Along with his coworkers at the hotel, Hyper Adhi and Mahesh Achanta, he was raised in an orphanage.Things change when a stunning girl named Keerthy (Nivetha Pethuraj) misidentifies him as a wealthy hotel guest. She believes him to be the CEO of a pharmaceutical firm, and they start dating because he wants to start a family of his own.

The uncle of Sanjay asks krishna Das to assume the role of the true CEO of SR Pharma for a few days after Sanjay (Vishwak Sen), the company's actual CEO, is killed in a car accident. When the waiter becomes the CEO, what will happen? Vishwak Sen performs the part of a waiter with ease, and his comical portrayal in the first half is very entertaining. Although he plays two roles, the other character's personality isn't strong enough. Vishwak Sen performs poorly in the other role as a result, which has unfavorable implications.

Nivetha Pethuraj depicts a dazzling character admirably. Although she has less screen time in the second part of the movie, she nevertheless does a good job in it and gets along great with Vishwak Sen. In addition to Hyper Aadi, Rao Ramesh, Ajay, Rohini, prudhvi Raj, and murali Goud also put in strong performances. The amorous duet "Almost Padipoya Pilla" is peppy and catchy. The opening song, "Mama Bro," is also okay. The production values of the movie are extravagant.

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