The latest example of humanity not dying yet is madurai Dhopur government Chest Hospital and the doctors and staff working there.

The doctors and staff of the government hospital embraced the helpless North State girl child and her younger brother after her mother died at the place where she came for treatment due to ill health and raised them like their own children and are now going to marry the girl. The girl has been arranged for the procession at her parents' place and this incident has caused a stir. That blessed baby name is 'Rita'.

Rita's mother Rosbek hails from Madurai. She fell in love and married her husband while working in an IT company in Bangalore. From there, both of them went to delhi and joined a company there and happily started a new life. As proof of their family life, 'Rita' and alex are born. Over time, there is a family dispute between husband and wife. The husband had an affair with another woman and married her for the second time and brought her home.

He tortured Rosbeck and his two children in order to have children with his second wife and take care of them. The husband, who had to knock, stood with his hands tied and looked amused. At some point he dies of ill health when he realizes his mistake. Rosbeck could no longer live in that house.

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