The ticket price at PVR, INOX theaters is Rs. 99 only..!?

February is said to be the month of love. Like Valentine's Day is celebrated on february 14th, cinema Valentine's Day is celebrated on february 23rd. On that occasion, famous cinema company PVR & INOX announced a super offer for the fans who are dedicated to celebrating cinema. 23rd february is a day for cinema lovers. Given this, on behalf of PVR & INOX, on friday (Feb. 23), an offer has been announced on the price of watching movies in their theaters. PVR INOX has said that you can watch and enjoy your favorite new movies for just Rs 99. It has been announced that starting from Hollywood, all language films can be seen at this concessional rate. The Rs 99 ticket fee will be applicable throughout the day on friday at PVR and INOX theaters across most cities in India, it said. On friday, the day for cinema lovers, various new movies are also released.  Recliner Seats: Tickets are available at a concessional price of Rs 199 for premium and recliner seats while regular seats are priced at Rs 99. Usually, these can be above 500 rupees. It has been announced that IMAX, 4DX, and MX4D will also be able to avail the fee offer. The condition is that the ticket should be booked on the 23rd. Watch in Bengaluru: gautam Dutta, Co-Chief Executive Officer, PVR INOX Ltd. said that after the experience of National cinema Day celebrations, this offer has been announced to celebrate the day for cinema lovers. That means you can't see it in chennai and coimbatore but you can see it in Bangalore. I understand you saying that PVR should stop this discrimination. Can you think of PVR? Meanwhile, all cinema fans should take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the experience of watching their favorite film on the big screen, gautham Dutta said, greetings to all cinema fans on 23rd February. PVR seems to have thought that regardless of the rate, they will watch the film in tamil Nadu and the same in Andhra Pradesh.

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