Uncertainty surrounding Monkey Man's release in india has resulted in the leakage of Dev Patel's directorial debut to unauthorised websites. As a result, to view the movie, internet users in the nation have shifted to unlicensed websites. A number of social media users have admitted on their own X accounts that they viewed Monkey Man through a torrent. 

"In india, the #MonkeyMan torrent is set to smash records. True? No? wrote one of the users. Another person said, "I haven't seen the movie Monkey Man, but the speed at which torrents are shared is amazing." A third user said, "Dev patel girls will say he such a mastermind to float monkey man link on Hanuman jayanti."

In Monkey guy, a young guy seeks revenge on the dishonest politicians responsible for his mother's death. In addition to Dev patel, important parts are played by Sharlto Copley, Sikandar Kher, Sobhita Dhulipala, and vipin sharma in the movie. As of right present, Monkey Man is not available in India. Deadline has revealed that Netflix was supposed to be the initial home of the movie. The platform bought the movie, but they weren't sure if they should have released it in India. Subsequently, Bron Studios, Monkey Man's co-financier, filed for bankruptcy, which presented a problem for the movie.

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