A renowned south indian restaurant in A S Rao Nagar, hyderabad, was fined Rs. 5,000 for giving a Hyderabadi customer chutney laced with a hair strand. On june 11, 2024, Umesh Kumar, a consumer rights activist from hyderabad, went to the restaurant with his family. He placed an order for mla dosa, steam dosa, water, and a plate of idly for Rs. 522. He quickly alerted the restaurant management after seeing a hair in one of the chutneys while savoring his dinner.

He shared on X about his experience at the popular Hyderabadi restaurant, saying, "He accepted it and replaced the food with a new dish." It was, however, a bad experience.
He also questioned the TDS levels on the bottled water bottle that the restaurant was serving. "A Bisleri water bottle that I got from Chutneys." TDS readings at my house were 74, 75, and 80. If the values are less than 75, is it still portable?
In response to the event, AMOH Kapra fined the hyderabad eatery Rs 5,000 in accordance with Section 674 of the HMC Act.

Hyderabad's Food Safety Department has been conducting searches at eateries all throughout the city and punishing offenders.
On Tuesday, april 30, the Food Safety Department's Taskforce team from telangana inspected restaurants at Sarath City capital Mall in Gachibowli, hyderabad, and found infractions at four of the establishments.
The telangana Commissioner of Food Safety stated in a news statement that these infractions were found at the four restaurants in Hyderabad—Firefly Restaurant, air Live, Taco Bell, and Boiler Room Club and Kitchen.

• According to officials, there were infractions pertaining to vermin and cleanliness at Firefly Restaurant. Water bottles costing Rs 9000 were also seized since the manufacturer's BIS licence was invalid.
• Water bottles valued at Rs 68,400 were confiscated from air Live after initial testing with a portable TDS metre revealed a very low TDS of 12.
A minimum TDS of 75 mg/L is required by FSSAI regulations for bottled drinking water. Based on lab data, action would be taken against Hyderabadi eateries, according to the press statement.


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