In a recent fraud, the madhapur police arrested seven suspects: Aakash Kumar, Suraj Kumar, Akshat Narula, Tarun, Shiv raj Nayak, Rohit Kumar, and Cherkupally Sai Kumar. These individuals were deceiving others by corresponding with them on dating apps.
Dr G Vineet, DCP madhapur, stated that the group initially made contact with the victims by utilizing images of women from dating apps on the internet. The women initially encountered the targets in restaurants. In further encounters, they brought the naive victims to Mosh Pub in madhapur and had them drink pricey liquor there. In the end, they used dating apps to trick their victims and trick them into paying large sums of money in bills.

The delhi Devil's Night Club is operated by the six accused. "They enlist ladies from hyderabad and set them up on dating apps so they can commit the fraud. After first meeting at a cafe, they are escorted into this specific bar, MOSH bar. The victims are made to pay exorbitant prices for the meals and drinks they order. The tavern owner, the organizers, and the girls split the bill amount after that, according to G Vineet.
At first, one member of this group spoke with the victims. The dating app fraud was carried out in a similar fashion in hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi. The group was going to begin activities in Nagpur.

Modus operandi of new dating scam in Hyderabad
"They choose bars that are in disrepair and have extremely low google reviews. The accused worked in this specific tavern for forty-five days, primarily on six weekends. They defrauded between fifty and sixty clients out of thirty lakh and divided the proceeds among themselves. G Vineet continued, "They created accounts on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge from hyderabad for this new dating app fraud.
The police urged the public to report any information they may have about gangs operating in Hyderabadi taverns and clubs that con unsuspecting patrons via dating apps. You can submit a complaint with the Cyberabad police on whatsapp at 9490617444, the Anti-Drug Abuse hotline number 9490617182, or Dial 100.

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