On Saturday, bjp members in Gajwel staged a creative demonstration in the town by going to the police station and filing a missing person's complaint for Gajwel mla chandrasekhar rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>k chandrasekhar rao (KCR). Additionally, the activists affixed Rao booklets bearing the word "Missing" to several locations on the walls of Gajwel. The poster said, "KCR could not be seen at his camp office, at the municipal office in Gajwel, at the bus stop, at Ambedkar Square, or Indira Park Chowrastha."

Slogans such as "Where is kcr, the people of Gajwel are here" were yelled at by bjp workers. He ought to visit the constituency. Despite winning three terms in a row from the Gajwel assembly constituency, the activists said that kcr was no longer visible in Gajwel.

The workers protested and raised slogans, "Where is kcr, the people of Gajwel are here. He should come to the constituency.” The activists claimed that though kcr won Gajwel assembly constituency for three consecutive terms, he couldn’t be seen in Gajwel. “KCR couldn’t be seen either at his camp office, Indira Park chowrastha, bus stop, Ambedkar square, or at Gajwel municipal office,” the poster read.

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