The medical staff at medak Orthopaedic and General Hospital (MOGH) denounced the group's saturday night attack on their facility. Speaking to reporters, Dr. naveen of MOGH stated, "We were treating miracle patients when a hundred to one hundred fifty members stormed inside the hospital and pelted stones damaging the window panes." A staff member had a leg fracture and furniture was destroyed. Please let us know what went wrong. Is it wrong to care for a patient? Dr. naveen enquired.

When asked about the hospital attack, the doctor broke down in tears and indicated that anybody from the general public, even members of the mob, would go to the hospital if anything similar happened the next day. "I'll talk to all of the doctors in medak and decide what to do next," he declared.
On saturday, a right-wing crowd attacked a madrasa in the medak neighborhood, injuring several individuals.
Reportedly, the administration of Minhaj ul Uloom Madarsa has bought calves to offer as sacrifices to Bakrid. Right-wing locals raised a disturbance outside the madrasa upon the arrival of the sacrificed animals. police arrived on the scene shortly after and broke up the throng.

An hour later, the right-wing Hindutva groups made their way back to the madrasa and opened fire. A number of those inside the madrasa were hurt, and they were taken to a nearby hospital to obtain medical attention.
Subsequently, the crowd launched another attack on the hospital, hurling stones at the medical facility.


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