Why kala venkata rao not given the post of 'minister'?

-Why kala venkata rao was kept aside.
- tdp has done a lot of justice in the past.
- Chandrababu gave opportunity to newcomers for the future of the party.

Telugu Desam party chief chandrababu naidu took oath as the chief minister of andhra pradesh for the fourth time. Moreover, he formed a 24-member cabinet under him. But this time it seems that they have been very clever in the composition of the cabinet.

 Those senior ministers are:
When Chandrababu took oath as the cm for the last three times, senior ministers were given ministerial positions each time. In this, they definitely had ministerial positions. kala venkata rao, Kalva Srinivasa Rao, Paritala Sunitha, Ayyanna Patradu, Butchaiah Chaudhary and some other leaders must have had some ministerial post in his cabinet composition. But after Chandrababu became the cm for the fourth time, it seemed that the future of the party was the first goal of the party. Seniors were given a shock and juniors were given a chance. kala venkata rao deserves special mention. He has been with Chandrababu since the inception of the party. However, instead of giving him the ministerial post, they gave the ministerial post to someone else. kala venkata rao was corrected and given the post of minister to another person, it became a topic of discussion. And why kala venkata rao was kept aside. Let us know whether he will be given any other posts.
 Kala venkata rao has held many positions since the inception of TDP. Along with Chandrababu, he has been in TDP. One small mistake like that made by him is now being heard that he has lost his position as a minister. Moreover, his seniority also distanced him from the ministerial position. What kind of positions did kala venkata rao experience? Let's see what is his relationship with the party.

When kala venkata rao won during NTR's regime, he was given the post of home Ministry. As he belongs to the backward bc Eastern Kapu community in uttarandhra, he was given by the home minister to develop the area. After that, he also stepped into the rajya sabha once. Although kala venkata rao was given a lot of support in the party, he left the tdp party and joined the praja rajyam party founded by Chiranjeevi. Again, in 2014, they returned to their home again. However, tdp leader Chandrababu gave him the chance to become the power minister in his cabinet, besides handing him the responsibility of the andhra pradesh tdp president. Apart from that, the post of minister was also given to Kimidi Mrinali, who was Kala Venkatarao's successor. Thus in 2014, kala venkata rao held the ministerial posts for two and a half years and Kimidi Mrinalini for another two and a half years. chandrababu naidu wanted to sideline those who have taken ministerial positions many times from the Kimidi family. He thought that if young leaders are encouraged, the party will not only get stronger but also have a future. But in the 2024 election, Kondapalli Srinivas, who is the grandson of Kondapalli Paidithalli Naidu from uttarandhra region and from the same bc east Kapu social group, won from Gajapatinagaram and this time he was given a chance in the ministerial category. That is why kala venkata rao has been sidelined. chandrababu naidu said that since kala venkata rao got many positions from tdp in the past, he should be silent this time.

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