As she waits for the release of Game Changer, her much-awaited reunion with ram Charan, kiara advani is having the time of her life. Advani has just reached his ten-year career milestone and chose to have a meet-and-greet with fans to commemorate the occasion. Even while celebrities have frequently come under fire for acting sternly or uncaringly towards fans or photographers, it's generally accepted that invading their private might annoy them.
While some celebrities have a reputation for being aloof, kiara advani has always been regarded as a kind actress. She may not be the kind to out-interact with others, but up until now, she has never actually been called out for being impolite. A member of the cabin staff remembered their purportedly unpleasant encounter with kiara Advani; others have reported such incidents.

With her brilliant performances and gorgeous smile, kiara advani, the bollywood phenomenon, has enthralled millions of people. Her romance with sidharth malhotra in real life only serves to enhance her allure. Nonetheless, a recent scandal exposes a less admirable aspect of Kiara. A member of the cabin staff spoke about a bad encounter and said that kiara "has a lot of attitude" in an interview with a YouTube channel. 
The crew member related how kiara angrily insisted that they call her assistant to deliver the nuts and cashews to her instead of accepting them. In the same interview, the cabin crew member praised Janhvi Kapoor, who remained calm and patient when woken up for a briefing, and ananya Panday, who was described as sweet and funny.


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