Kalki 2898 AD, a magnificent mytho-sci-fi production helmed by nag ashwin and starring prabhas, will be released in theatres in just nine days. With an enormous budget and cutting-edge visual effects, the movie hopes to enthrall viewers throughout the country. Targeting a larger audience, especially in the North, Santhosh Narayanan's promotional tune "Bhairava Anthem," performed by diljit dosanjh, was released. 

Amid the futuristic vistas of Kashi, the song encapsulates the spirit of Bhairava's persona. prabhas and diljit dosanjh display their flare and charm in the song video, with Prabhas's presence being particularly noticeable. The song itself doesn't stand out as particularly noteworthy aside from that. The fusion of telugu and punjabi flavors may not resonate with other telugu viewers, but it may be appealing to prabhas aficionados. The number of punjabi pop songs that are released each month that are comparable to this one means that even for hindi listeners, the song doesn't stand out.

There hasn't been much success in building interest around kalki 2898 AD, despite the manufacturers' best efforts. Like Salaar, Radhe Shyam, and Saaho, the song hasn't been able to generate a lot of buzz. Reactions to the video have been uneven, and reports from the ground indicate that advertising efforts using characters like Bujji the robot vehicle haven't taken off. Once more, prabhas bears a big portion of the responsibility for the movie's success in drawing viewers. His celebrity should prove to be Kalki's salvation in 2898 AD.


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