Are some of the agencies attempting to damage the congress government's reputation? For the past few weeks, this is the theory that has been circulating in the circles of Congress. This question is raised by the fact that the civic wings—GHMC and the electricity utilities, for example—have not performed to their full potential. Residents of a number of upscale communities, such as Banjara Hills, srinagar Colony, Kamalapuri Colony, Aurora Colony, etc., are dealing with major issues as a result of the energy department's practice of turning off the power as it starts to rain, even little drizzles.

Power outages used to occur only during strong gales in the past. However, power outages are occurring these days, even in the rare instances of little rain and for extended periods. "A situation like this never existed during the previous government's rule," Raghav Reddy, a resident of srinagar colony, stated. A few of the retired staff members said that the electricity went out on sunday night at approximately one in the morning, leaving them without a fan or light for more than two hours, which disrupted their sleep routine.

Residents of Steel and Mines Complex said that tree limbs had been chopped down and disposed of in front of the gate by power utility staff, who failed to remove them for four days. The worsening road conditions are another grievance voiced by the locals. Similar to the enormous crater-like hole in the centre of the road near Ratnadeep Super Market, there is still an ongoing issue with drainage water constantly running in front of Venkateswara Kalyana Mandapam in Aurora Colony. They urged the MAUD minister to take the appropriate measures.

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