Artificial Intelligence (AI) may soon become indispensable in assisting you with parking your automobile in hyderabad or any other telangana location. This comes after the Information technology (IT) minister, D sridhar Babu, gave the IT department's engineers instructions on saturday to create plans for using AI to solve parking-related problems for cars.

Following chief minister A revanth Reddy's request that solutions be developed for dealing with traffic management difficulties and car parking concerns in metropolitan areas, the minister issued the instruction.

The minister stated that after attending a presentation by a private company in his chambers at the secretariat here on saturday, construction of multi-level parking lots should be pursued in a big way, as AI offers numerous solutions for resolving these issues, including space scarcity.

A statement from the Minister's office claimed that the use of private automobiles had sharply increased. There were one lakh auto rickshaws, 70,000 taxis, and 14 lakh four-wheelers in hyderabad alone.

Because of this, parking has become a huge pain, with car owners having to deal with a number of problems while trying to secure a spot near roadsides and in retail centres.

"Areas with high vehicle traffic should be identified using AI." Applications that make it easier for customers to reserve parking spaces in advance should be created, according to sridhar Babu, who also suggested consulting with businesses engaged in the creation of various AI-based solutions.

AI services were being used by several nations worldwide to solve parking-related problems. The minister said, "A study on such services should be undertaken and steps should be taken to introduce such services, which cater to local requirement."

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