The renowned nightlife of hyderabad, which used to be lively till late, is waning. The hyderabad police have ordered commercial enterprises to close daily between 10.30 and 11 pm, citing the state of law and order.
Following recent violent crime episodes, chief minister A revanth reddy evaluated the state's law and order situation before the police issued the directives. Additionally, the police cautioned citizens against hitching rides from strangers and roving aimlessly on roadways after dark. Liquor users in public areas were forewarned of harsh consequences.

However, the business community and the general public reacted sharply to the municipal police's orders to close the commercial enterprises by 10.30 pm.
Pathergatti merchant Mohd Jabber remarked that because charminar is a popular tourist destination, both locals and visitors often stay until midnight or later on weekends.
"The livelihood of law-abiding citizens should not be sacrificed in the name of government control over crime," he stated. Another trader from Shah ali Banda, Mohd Sohaib, stated that people's inclinations were shifting and that they would rather be out and about in the evenings with their families.

"During closing hours, we have consumers coming in hurriedly to make purchases. He remarked, "The government needs to permit the stores to stay open till midnight. Shops and business enterprises should be permitted to operate around the clock in a metropolis like hyderabad, according to Anirudha, who owns a tiffin facility in Begum Bazaar. The city has a bustling nightlife, and families are often on the go.


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