The construction has advanced considerably since chief minister Chandrababu Naidu's visit to the polavaram project last week. Union minister Ram Mohan Naidu has been overseeing the process in delhi in accordance with the Chief Minister's directives by holding talks with the polavaram project Authority and the Ministry of Jal Shakti.

The project is currently being aggressively advanced by both departments, and a group of global specialists has been assembled to deal with lingering problems. Four specialists from the united states and canada will assess the hydraulic structures, civil engineering, security, and administration of the dam.

They will be at polavaram from june 27 to July 5 in order to assess the condition and provide a report to the polavaram project Authority. These specialists will come to the project once every three months till it is finished. David B. Paul (USA), richard Donnelly (Canada), Gias Franco de Cisco (USA), and seas Hinsberger (Canada) are the visiting specialists.
With over 35 years of expertise in dam security and administration, David B. Paul is a senior consultant for an international dam security organisation. With more than 30 years of expertise, richard Donnelly is a specialist in hydraulic construction and water management in the field of civil engineering. Gias Franco de Cisco has over 28 years of expertise in dam building, structural engineering, and maintenance. He works with Advanced Structural Solutions as a Chief Engineer. With more than 25 years of expertise, seas Hinsberger is skilled in irrigation management and geotechnical engineering.

The polavaram project is now being held up by considerable seepage in the top cofferdam. Chemical grouting and routine piezometer-based seepage monitoring have been advised by experts. The project will be examined by the current professional team, who will also provide suitable solutions. The main dam's diaphragm wall sustained damage during the 2020 floods. Whether it has to be fixed or rebuilt will be decided by the specialists. Overall, with this knowledgeable team's assistance, the government hopes to expedite the project and guarantee its timely completion.


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