On Monday, July 8, the Havelighanpur sub-inspector and a journalist were arrested by the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) for allegedly asking and taking a bribe of Rs 20,000 from a truck owner. The suspects are named as anand Goud, a sub-inspector, and Muhammad Mastan, a journalist from the kamareddy area.
Reports state that to release his tipper vehicle from the police station, Poola Gangadhar, a businessman in Koligadda town in the medak district, was reportedly asked to pay a bribe by SI.
When Gangadhar was unable to pay the bribe, he turned to the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) for assistance. The acb set up a trap to catch the accused in the act. On behalf of the SI, the journalist is said to have arranged this bribe.

The acb was able to get Rs. 20,000 from the journalist during the operation. Tests using chemicals verified that there were residues of the bribe on his jeans' front left pocket and the fingers on both hands.
The suspects were taken into custody and placed on remand.

The accused have been identified as sub-inspector anand Goud and Mohammad Mastan, a local news reporter, from kamareddy district

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