Since Baahubali 2, the hindi public has shown a special receptivity for well-made telugu films, if we follow the patterns. The immense prosperity of RRR, pushpa, and saaho serves as evidence of this. In the present day, a telugu movie has surpassed Bollywood's 2024 biggest grosser. Today, kalki triumphed over fighter in just two weekends.

Kalki has become the highest earning hindi film of the year, surpassing Fighter's record in just two weeks. This record has been set by the prabhas film, which earned Rs 200 crore nett in Hindi. It is also important to mention that pushpa 2, another telugu film that is expected to be a box office hit, will soon be available in Hindi.

According to a few sources, pushpa 2 may make a splash at the box office and maybe break all previous records for the highest earning movie in the hindi belt. However, there is still time to evaluate this tendency. If a telugu movie continues to be the biggest earning movie of the year in the hindi belt, it wouldn't come as a huge surprise. Munjya is the surprise winner at the bollywood Box-Office so far.

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