Karan Johar, a filmmaker, had a challenging early life. At first, he believed that his parents, yash and Hiroo Johar, should have had a better son because he had failed them as a youngster. The producer and director of the movie said in a recent interview that he used to self-body shame and ask himself, "Why can't I be like other boys?"
During an interview with The Faye D'Souza Show, karan discussed his life's mistakes and stated, "I felt I failed a lot as a child first." I thought I was letting my folks down. I thought I wasn't the boy they were supposed to have. I was made to feel that way because I was feminine. I stood out from every other youngster in my community and school. I was against playing sports.

Karan remembered being a quiet and introverted child who would spend all of his time in books or watching hindi films. He could see the dismay in his mother's eyes each time he returned from school carrying his report card. "I usually felt depressed when I went to school. In school, I felt like I was being ignored. The presence or absence of me made no difference," the director remarked.

Karan related a story about a talent competition he had when he was three years old. "Everyone was performing, and I did a dance," he said. My mother was present in the crowd, and I could sense that some people were laughing. I can still picture myself sobbing as I went home and asking myself, "Why can't I be like other boys?"

Unbeknownst to his parents, karan johar enrolled in a public speaking course in college in an attempt to address his body image problems. I was warned by a person there that I had an effeminate voice and that I would not have an easy life. He put me in a class that would make my voice sound more baritone. I didn't want to inform them that this is what I was going to do, so I kept telling my dad that I was taking computer lessons," KJo said.

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