This is probably the reason why Premalatha warned Vijay..!?

Vijay has now started focusing on serious political work. However, after GOAT, Thalapathy is also serious about completing 69. While the work for the same is going on, the final stage work for the release of the GOAT film is also going on. In this context, Premalatha's recent statement caused a lot of publicity. That is, she warned that Captain should not be used in any film with AI technology without proper permission. Everyone understood that this was an implicit warning to GOAT.
There have been reports for a few months that Vijayakanth will be using AI technology in the climax scene of the film. And that scene is the most important scene in the film, and it's an additional piece of information. But now Premalatha is making such a statement which has caused confusion to many people. If that is the case, there is a doubt whether Vijayakanth will appear in GOAT or not. If you look at the reason behind all this, it is only Vijay. When the captain was sick inside the house, many people including Rajini met him in person and inquired about his well-being.
But Vijay did not visit even once. Captain's eldest son Vijaya Prabhakaran had stated this in an interview. He had mentioned matter-of-factly that he saw Vijay in person only when his father died. But by this, it is clear that Vijay did not come to see the captain. At the same time, the fact that he came to see Vijayakanth in the middle of such a crowd on the day of his death was a political act. Similarly, the use of the captain in GOAT is also political. Seeing all this, Prematha has given such a warning that it should not happen. Because as of now, there is a risk that many people who are in Captain's party will switch to Vijay's party. In order to prevent it, Premalatha is angry that Vijay did not come and see the captain when he was still alive. Let's wait and see how Vijay will handle this.

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