Naughty websites blocked from using Amazon's name, logo!!

The delhi high court has restrained a mischievous website that uses a name and identity similar to the trademark and logo of online marketplace amazon, from doing so. Justice Jyoti Singh in his judgment has said that innocent people are suffering financial loss due to the operation of these mischievous websites. In such a situation, the demand of amazon Seller services Private Limited and its subsidiaries to stop the use of Amazon's trademark and logo on these websites prima facie appears to be correct. 

Justice Singh said, "The balance of convenience is in the favor of the litigants and if these websites are not prevented from doing so, it will be a direct loss to the litigants." The high court has provisionally restrained and websites and their facebook links from using Amazon's trademarks and logos in any form during the course of their operations. This will be discussed further in the next hearing. amazon and its subsidiaries have said in their complaint that these mischievous websites are deceiving people by using its name.

Amazon with its widespread wings have started to cut its fake wings short.

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