50000-year-old zombie virus reawakened...

The way the corona virus has wreaked havoc in the whole world, after that there is fear of knocking of any other virus. Russian scientists have recently discovered a deadly virus. Scientists have claimed to revive the zombie virus from the bottom of the frozen lake. The survival of the 48,500-year-old zombie virus buried under the lake will increase the risk of a huge epidemic.

The New York Post reports that French researchers worried about a new epidemic after reviving the zombie virus. The New York Post has cited a virus study, which states that the survival of this old virus can increase cases of animal or human diseases and make the situation more disastrous.

These viruses will become alive when the snow melts. The researchers say that melting ice releases organic matter and includes regenerated cellular microbes (prokaryotes, unicellular eukaryotes) that were previously dormant but may now be alive. It is being termed as the oldest virus. This melting virus can prove to be quite dangerous

Virus can be dangerous due to Covid-19 epidemic

Scientists have claimed that if it becomes alive, it will leave behind diseases like Covid 19. The way the effect of global warming is visible and the ice is melting, along with the release of organic matter in carbon dioxide and methane, this increases the greenhouse effect.

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