Can coconut oil prevent dengue..!? Truth revealed..!?

A rumor has spread that applying coconut oil can prevent dengue as mosquitoes cannot fly above the knee. Is this true? Full description here. Currently, dengue fever is increasing among people. The news is spreading on social media that there are many ways to escape from these.

Can applying coconut oil prevent dengue?
The viral news that applying coconut oil under the knees can prevent dengue fever is fake. Remember that mosquitos may not bite because they don't like the smell of coconut oil, but it's not a permanent solution.
Dengue fever:
Generally, dengue fever is transmitted by mosquitoes. In particular, indeed, the mosquito that spreads dengue cannot fly very high. But it is not true that they bite only till the knuckles. This type of mosquito bites people of all ages, from children to adults.
 Cleanliness of surroundings:
As there is no specific treatment for dengue fever, it is best to avoid standing water in buckets, bowls, flowerpots, vases, etc. because dengue is caused by the Aedes mosquito that breeds in stagnant water containers. The monsoon climate is ideal for mosquito breeding. So be careful.


On the basis of Siddha medicine, you can drink only 10 ml of neem decoction, neem juice, and papaya juice in the initial stage of dengue. Similarly, Amukurachuranam, Adathoda leaf juice, etc. are given for dengue in Siddha medicine. It is best to follow your doctor's advice as the symptoms of dengue usually change. Similarly, you should take neem tea. Because it can boost the immune system.


During dengue, you should eat hot food. dengue patients are advised to avoid spicy foods. Avoid processed refrigerated foods. Gooseberry contains vitamin C. Drink gooseberry juice as it is an immunity booster. After dengue, the body is very tired so at that time you should drink juices of other fruits like sweet lime. people with asthma can add pepper to vegetable soup and drink it. As such, you can take more types of porridge.
Also, it is better to take more water, juice, and fruit juice as hydration is required at this time.

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