Benefits of Beer: Drinking beer is not bad... Here are the top 5 reasons to prove it - full details!

Benefits of Beer: Let's see 10 reasons why drinking beer is not bad. At the same time, it is not intended to promote beer consumption. people who do not drink alcohol should avoid this.

1. Beer drinkers live longer

We all know that consuming too much alcohol is dangerous at any stage. But at the same time, the results of various studies suggest that people who know their condition and consume less alcohol live longer than those who don't exercise much and don't drink. Beer is a good drink for those who have a moderate drinking habit.

2. Beer is completely natural

Many people have heard that beer is full of preservatives and additives. But the truth is, beer is as natural as orange juice or milk. Beer does not need preservatives because it contains alcohol and hops, both of which are natural. In other words, Tana beer is "processed" like bread: it is cooked and fermented, then filtered and packaged.

3. Beer is low in calories, carbohydrates – no fat and cholesterol

When it comes to all-natural beverages, beer is one of the lowest-calorie beverages. Twelve ounces of Guinness contains the same number of calories as 12 ounces of skim milk: that's less than orange juice (150 calories), and if beer is your only source of nutrition, you'll need to reach your recommended daily calorie intake (2,000 to 2,500) every waking hour. Drink once in a while. So beer is a low-calorie drink.

4. Beer improves your cholesterol

Not only does beer contain no cholesterol, but it can also improve your cholesterol levels. Drinking beer regularly or in moderation can keep your HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio in the right direction.

5. Beer is rich in B vitamins

Beer is high in B vitamins, especially folic acid, which is believed to help prevent heart attacks. Beer contains soluble fiber, which is good for keeping your body regular. This makes your body less likely to absorb unhealthy things like fat

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