2019 saw the complete collapse of Congress...?

In 2014, the ysr congress is formed. Its immediate result is evident in the congress party's withdrawal from Andhra Pradesh. In 2014, the congress party, which has ruled andhra pradesh politics for the past sixty years, manages to secure just twenty-one assembly seats. Less than 12% of votes are cast for it. The share of votes in congress has decreased by almost 25%. In this election, jagan mohan reddy absolutely overtook the congress in andhra pradesh in terms of political ground.

The congress fails to secure a single assembly or lok sabha seat in andhra pradesh in 2019. All of the candidates' deposits for the 173 seats that congress had contested were forfeited. Only 1.17% of votes went to Congress. Even in the lok sabha elections, congress was unable to establish an account. jagan mohan reddy was largely responsible for the congress party's total elimination from andhra pradesh politics.

Y.S. Sharmila's assertion and the truth

The congress does not appear to have much of a chance in the next elections, considering the state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh. congress, however, is hopeful that Y.S. The party's performance would improve under Sharmila's direction. In actuality, Y.S. Sharmila. She is jagan Mohan Reddy's younger sister. He combined his party, the ysr telangana Party, with the congress in January. She then becomes the President of the andhra pradesh Congress.

Y.S. sharmila has referred to herself as YS Rajasekhara Reddy's political heir. She is making every effort to encourage support for YS Rajasekhara reddy among andhra pradesh residents in order to clear the path for the Congress. She is traveling the state making the argument that jagan mohan reddy will be rejected by the people this time and that the congress will be able to recapture the political ground it has lost in Andhra Pradesh.

Congress may lose more to the tdp than the ysr congress, though, if it is able to chip away at the anti-Jagan mohan reddy support. jagan Mohan Reddy's strong stance is also influenced by the possibility that ysr congress may gain an advantage from the fragmentation of his opposition votes as a result of Congress's strengthening. Even though the Congress's circumstances have improved, Chandrababu Nay plans to enhance its performance in andhra pradesh this time around.

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