In which country do most migrants live?

Most of the world's immigrants live in europe and Asia. In 2020, there were about 8.7 crore migrants in europe and about 8.6 crore in Asia. That means, 61% of the total migrants in the world live on these two continents. After this comes North America, where about 5.9 crore migrants lived in 2020. These are 21% of the total migrants in the world. Apart from this, 9% of migrants live in Africa, 5% in Latin America and the Caribbean and 3% in Oceania. If we look at the population of each region, in 2020 the highest number of migrants were in Oceania, North America and Europe. Only 22% of people in Oceania were migrants, while 16% in North America and 12% in europe were migrants. In comparison, the number of migrants in Asia, Africa Latin America and the Caribbean was much less. The percentage of migrants in these places was 1.8%, 1.9% and 2.3% respectively.

However, between 2000 and 2020, the number of migrants increased the most in Asia. During this period, the number of migrants in Asia increased by 74%, i.e. approximately 3 crore 70 lakh people. europe was at second place, where migrants increased by 3 crores. Then comes North America (1 crore 80 lakh) and Africa (1 crore).

How many migrants are in India?

According to 2020 data, about 1.8 crore indians were living outside their country. Of these, most indians live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), America (US) and Saudi Arabia. Both people moving from one state to another within india and citizens moving abroad migrate mainly in search of a better life. According to the census data of 2011, the total number of people moving from one state to another in search of work in india is 4 crore 14 lakh 22 thousand 917. According to the Ministry of Statistics (MoSPI) report 2020-21, the total migration rate in india is 28.9% and in rural areas, this rate is 26.5%. About 10.8% of the total migrants have left their homes and gone somewhere else.

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