Heart Attack In Children: Reason & how to prevent?P1

Two coronary veins circulate blood in the heart. Along with these, oxygen also goes to the heart. It is very important to keep the heart muscle alive, but as soon as the blood circulation suddenly stops. Only then the muscles of the heart get damaged. Such a condition is called a heart attack. 

Heart attacks are very rare in children unless there is an underlying disease of the heart muscle. According to experts, health conditions only increase the chances of a heart attack in children. These diseases increase the risk of a heart attack in children's heart

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

In this condition, the muscles of the heart become very thick. Due to obesity, the muscles need more oxygen, which the coronary veins are unable to supply. Especially while exercising or playing, a child may fall and die. This is the most common cause of sudden heart attacks in children.

Abnormal origin of the heart muscle

The second biggest cause of heart attack in some children is the abnormal origin of muscles or coronary veins. This reduces the flow of blood to the heart muscles, which leads to a heart attack.

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