Use AC like this, EB bill will be very less..!?

Don't use less AC in summer for fear of electricity bill. It can be overcome with simple tips. Every summer, the fear of how the heat is going to hit us comes into everyone's mind. To escape from this heat, some people rely on AC at home like a god. Some people get stuck in the sun and buy a new AC. Even if they buy a new AC, they use it only for a limited period of time, fearing the current bill. Budget brains of indians stick the AC in one room and shelter the whole family there. They use it sparingly for fear of running up the current bill. You won't believe it. There are even stories of empty pockets just by paying a current bill. But if you pay attention to some things while buying a new AC, there is a chance of getting a less current bill. Similarly, using some tips will reduce electricity bills in old AC too. 5 stars..!

Proper use of electricity to reduce the electricity bill should buy the right air conditioner. If this is done correctly, the current bill is likely to be less. Buyers of a new AC should check its rating carefully. For example, if it has a 5-star rating, there is a chance that the AC will save a lot of electricity. An air conditioner with inverter technology can save 30 to 35 percent of electricity. Buy these ACs carefully.

Service is important:

There are thousands of parts in an AC. Proper servicing is essential. Buy brands that offer consistent service. Clean the filters of the AC within a week to 2 weeks to promote good functioning.
Adequate AC:
While buying an AC you should be careful to buy the right AC for your residence. Depending on the size of the room and the amount of sunlight, it is necessary to buy an AC. For example, experts recommend that an air conditioner with a capacity of 1.50 per 150 sq. ft. room is sufficient if there is not much solar heat.
Keep it at this degree temperature:

Many people keep the AC at 18, or 19 degrees if the house is too hot. This will reduce the heat..but the electricity bill will rise. Always keep the temperature at 24 degrees and enjoy the coolness. It saves electricity. Don't forget... AC temperature should be 24 degrees.

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