A before and after picture of a mangrove forest in madagascar, Africa is going viral on social media. When such pictures go viral, there is only disappointment in them, but this time in the pictures that came out, the barren land is seen full of greenery. 

successful 15 years of hard work 

The credit for transforming the barren land of Africa, madagascar goes to California's Eden Reforestation Project, which works for land conservation. This organization planted 664 million trees in madagascar with the aim of converting mangrove forests into green forests. 

This photo taken in 2007 shows a barren land. Whereas the picture taken in 2022 shows a dense vast forest. This post was first shared by a collective climate page named Ecology.

According to the post, “We are proud of this wonderful team at Eden Reforestation Projects. He has managed to plant at least 664 million trees in madagascar since 2007. Great effort! This is proof of what changes Han can bring in 15 years. This work done for climate change is the best effort ever. It tells us what we can do when we come together."

received positive feedback

This post was further shared by a user sam Jindel. His company has also been engaged in the reforestation of mangroves in madagascar for many years. When he shared this post, many people objected that the Before-After pictures were from two different places. Replying to C, sam wrote, "It may be that the picture was not taken at the same location, but both were taken at the mangrove planting sites of Eden Afforestation in Madagascar."

He further wrote, “It is precisely the beginning of the Planting Project (2007) and the Reforestation achieved by his work (2022). Sorry I didn't mean to confuse. This will not diminish its importance.

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