Sunita Williams is stuck in space...?

Regarding the Boeing Starliner that is transporting men to the international Space Station, a significant update has been released. nasa has announced that the first crew of astronauts' return in the Boeing Starliner has been delayed for some time. New dates have not yet been published by NASA. Following this, eight other crew members and Indian-origin astronaut sunita williams have had challenges.

There are inquiries being made.

Concerns concerning the astronauts' return are now being voiced. Does anyone think that both astronauts will make a comeback? Technical problems and testing have already caused a delay. It is important to remember that the spacecraft's return date was originally set for june 26.

On june 5, the aircraft took off.

American astronauts Butch Wilmore and sunita williams lifted off on june 5. It has been launched into space twice without a person since 2019. Its thrusters have, however, failed five times. It has also experienced five helium leaks at the same time. Boeing and nasa have also experienced several mishaps. In this case, the question now arises as to when the Starliner will be able to return its crew.

Approximately $6 billion was spent.

In addition to the $4.5 billion nasa development contract, the business has spent an additional $1.5 billion on cost overruns for this project. In addition to SpaceX's Crew Dragon, which can transport humans to the international Space Station, nasa hopes to launch Starliner as the second American spaceship.

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