The big decision of oscar winner junior ntr, said- I will stop doing films...

Jr NTR: junior ntr is often in the news. Fans are eagerly waiting for his next film, but in the meantime, junior ntr has said a shocking thing. He has told his fans that now he will stop signing films.

Jr NTR: The film 'RRR' has created history. The song 'Naatu Natu' from this film has received an oscar Award. The cast of this film is also appreciated all over the world. After winning the oscar Award, the fans have given him a warm welcome on his return to the country. Meanwhile, actor junior ntr has recently made a shocking disclosure. Which is now in limelight. junior ntr often remains in the news. Fans are eagerly waiting for his next film. But the shocking revelation he has made may disappoint his fans.

Fans were repeatedly asking these questions

Junior ntr is a prominent actor in the telugu film industry. Till now he has given many superhit films. ntr had recently arrived in hyderabad to attend an event. Here his fans were repeatedly questioning him about the film. A fan asked him about his upcoming project and which film he has signed.

Junior ntr hasn't signed any film

but he gets frustrated with fans constantly asking him this question. To this question, jr ntr said, "I am not doing any film and if you ask again and again, I will stop doing films..." The actor also said that he has not signed any film yet.

Fans were shocked to hear about junior NTR

Fans were shocked to hear that junior ntr will no longer act in films. However, jr ntr immediately clarified that he said this only in jest and that he has no plans to stop working in films for the time being.

Junior ntr will be seen in this film

Tell me, junior ntr will soon be seen in the film 'NTR 30'. bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor will be seen with him in this film. This film is directed by Kortala Siva. This film will be released on 5 april 2024.

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