Rana Naidu ended up becoming a phenomenon in both positive and negative ways. First off, despite criticism from telugu families and female venkatesh fans, the show is a big success all over the world. Second, the show garnered criticism for being the first web series featuring prominent stars and unexpected profanity. If people weren't so offended and outraged by the material, it wouldn't have gone viral and became such a smash hit.

Here is an update for those who believed the second season will be cancelled. Rana Naidu's second season is still airing, but with a change. According to a research, there will be a big reduction in the amount of vulgarity and abuse. Vijayashanti disagrees with Rana Naidu's substance and presentation, while anurag thakur said that using aggressive language in the name of innovation would not be tolerated. Vijayashantoi even made a point of mentioning a censorship need for OTT releases, but she omitted the specific name.

In spite of the criticism, Rana Naidu's popularity has increased, and she is currently ranked first among popular indian celebrities according to IMDB. For the first time, actor venkatesh addressed the criticism by claiming that with Rana Naidu, he departed from his usual stereotypical characters. Even though it damaged his reputation as a "family hero," the elder actor has no regrets about playing Rana Naidu. venkatesh seems to be fully conscious of his actions.

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