The telugu audience's Sankranthi season last year was a smash hit thanks to two senior actors, chiru and Balayya, who each scored a thunderous blockbuster. Both pictures' directors received a lot of worldwide praise. One of those directors is reportedly being obstinate about one issue right now. Following the success of Waltair Veerayya, filmmaker bobby Kolli is reportedly meeting with some of the star heroes to present his ideas. 

Despite the fact that some of them admired them, given the extensive lineup they already had, they were not willing to commit. bobby appears to have made the decision to wait until one of those powerful heroes provides the all-clear. In addition, he is reported to be content with being on the waitlist rather than acting in a movie with tier 2 actors.

Without a doubt, all of our tier 1 performers are booked solid for at least the next two to three years, if not longer. Bobby's decision to only direct A-list celebrities must be seen to see if he modifies his mind or sticks to his original plan. Even though some leading production houses offered him a hefty amount, he rejected the offers due to Tier-2 lead actors.

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