Alia Bhatt's daughter Raha 'Bua' visits Kareena at her house, twinning with her mother in a white dress

On 3 june 2023, actress alia bhatt and her baby girl Raha Kapoor were seen outside Kareena Kapoor's house. However, it was the mother-daughter twinning moment that stole our hearts.

Bollywood actress alia bhatt is a proud mom to her baby girl Raha Kapoor, whom she welcomed on 6 november 2022. Since then alia has been balancing her work and mom duties. The actress despite her busy schedule makes sure to find time to spend with her baby girl Raha. Recently, alia bhatt was spotted outside her sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor's house with her baby girl Raha.

Alia Bhatt introduces daughter Raha to aunt Kareena Kapoor

On 3rd june 2023, alia bhatt was spotted by paparazzi outside sister-in-law kareena kapoor Khan's house. During this, he was accompanied by his baby girl Raha, whom he held tightly in his arms. A video is going viral on the internet, in which alia is seen twinning with her baby girl Raha in a white outfit. alia opted for a simple breezy maxi dress with full sleeves and made sure to hide her daughter's face as soon as she entered the building. The cute video has won our hearts.

When alia bhatt talked about breastfeeding her daughter Raha

In an interview with 'Harper's Bazaar magazine, alia bhatt talked about her beautiful moments with her baby girl Raha. Reflecting on the same, the new mom shared that when she feeds Raha, Raha looks at her and starts touching her face. 

Aaliya said, "My daughter has started touching my face. I think this is the best thing that has happened to me in the past week, because now when I feed her, she just takes a minute, Looks at me, and starts touching my face. It's like a romantic moment between us and it's the best thing that happened to me in my life."

Ranbir Kapoor wants his daughter Raha to have a normal upbringing

A few days ago, ranbir kapoor appeared on his cousin kareena kapoor Khan's show 'What women Want' and shared many interesting tidbits from his personal life. Talking about his daughter Raha, the actor shared that he and alia want their baby girl to have a normal upbringing. He had also told that he is trying to secure Raha's privacy as much as possible.

In their words, "So as parents, we will try to protect Raha's privacy as much as we can. We just want her to have a normal upbringing. To go to school, not make her feel too special or different around other kids.". She should just live a normal life. Other than that, there's no rule that 'Oh, we want it that way.'

Ranbir and alia have kept a 'no photo policy' for their daughter

On 6 november 2022, Ranbir and alia welcomed Raha Kapoor. Since then her fans have been eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the princess. In january 2023, Ranbir and alia hosted a special get-together for media photographers and requested the media not to click pictures of their daughter Raha Kapoor whenever she stepped out with her family members. Aaliya had revealed that she would allow him to take pictures of Raha when the time is right

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