The most contentious event took place in Hyderabad's Amnesia pub in jubilee hills a few weeks back. The tavern received a lot of backlash for letting the young guys and girls in. This incident came to light as a result of the post-party rape of a young girl outside the pub. A sequence from kiran Abbavaram's recently released film "Sammatame" makes explicit reference to the aforementioned occurrence.

The protagonist calls out and the heroine chastises the group of young people who are dancing on the floor with a bottle of alcohol, as well as the bar owners. Although it is unclear if this sequence was added to the movie after the occurrence or if it was really a coincidence, the crowd has a strong reaction to it.

Added Kiran, "If performers put in longer hours, many more people will have jobs. But when using scripts, one must use caution. After Sammathame, I have Mythri movie Makers' untitled movie, Vinaro Bhagyamu vishnu Kadha, and Nenu Meeku Baaga Kavalsinavadini. Before the year is through, all of these movies will be available. Fortunately, every one of my directors and producers is encouraging and sympathetic. I enjoy reading novels that depict the diverse characteristics of middle-class families. The majority of my movies are based on middle-class families, which is why they all appear authentic."

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