samantha, the lead actress in the movie "Yashodha," won't even be at the pre-release event, but she might provide an entertaining audio-visual tidbit for her fans. The remaining cast members and crew will then actively market the movie as it prepares to hit theatres on november 11th. But now this movie has a serious rival.

The only other movie attracting attention is none other than Prabhas' old picture, even though there are no other significant releases on november 11th, save from some delayed telugu flicks. While Samantha's Yashodha is preparing for a massive release across the south indian territories in all four languages, his varsham movie is re-releasing in telugu regions. varsham might have an impact on Samantha's movie in those regions, especially since Samantha's movie doesn't have that masala portion and B&C centres are already crazy about Prabhas.

Many distributors anticipate that varsham, a romantic comedy featuring nearly five superhit songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad, will be chosen over Yashodha in some theatres. The movie with samantha in the lead, Yashodha, will undoubtedly be the top choice in A centres and multiplexes the following friday and the buzz is also higher compared to other releases.

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