The young hero teja Sajja, who had his first big hit with Zombie Reddy, will next be seen in Prashanth Varma's pan-Indian thriller Hanu-Man. Recently, the teaser for the movie was posted, and it quickly became popular online. teja Sajja had the right look for an underdog who gains all of Lord Hanu-superpowers. Man's The actor did his best because getting such a role and film was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In order to devote all of his attention to the release, he even declined to sign on to any other projects. He underwent an amazing makeover and pulled off some mind-blowing feats. teja was quite modest at the teaser launch event, especially after giving such a spectacular performance. He said that getting the movie was a result of divine intervention.

Teja's humility is demonstrated by the fact that he began his acting career in a character part in oh baby before landing his first lead role in Zombie Reddy. teja Sajja is thrilled with all the positive feedback for the teaser and is receiving praise from internet users for the same reason. He gained recognition for Pan india with the teaser even before the debut of his first Pan india movie.

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