The Tulu version of the blockbuster movie Kantara releases in australia and New Zealand

Kantara: The film's producer Hombale Films announced on 24 november that the Tulu version of their film Kantara will release in overseas cinemas on 25 November. The craze of the fans regarding Kantara is increasing.

Cantara: Hombale Films' cinematic marvel Kantara has been creating waves across the globe since its release on 30th September. It has truly redefined the parameters of a film's success in modern times and the film continues to climb the success ladder with no sign of stopping. people also found the posters of the film very attractive. Now the film is all set to premiere its Tulu version in Kantara Australia. Sharing about the film to give more publicity to the film, Dream Screen International, the indian film distributor in australia and new zealand shared the show on their social media. Sharing the schedule, wrote, 'Excited to announce the Kantara Tulu version... After the blockbuster hit, Kantara is the original Tulu version that everyone has been waiting to watch on the big screen

 The kannada version of Kantara was released on 30 September. The makers had planned to dub the film in hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and malayalam in time for the OTT release, but when Kantara became a hit and demand grew for the rest of the versions, they decided to release everything in a new way. Made a new plan for Within two weeks, all versions of the team were gone. At that time, the Tulu-speaking region in coastal karnataka was also optimistic about a Tulu version, as Tulu dialogues were already present in the film.

The dubbing of Kantara film Around October, it became clear that the dubbing of Tulu is going on in full swing. But it is not clear why the Tulu version got delayed by over a month. In fact, in India, the Tulu-dubbed version will hit theaters on december 2. Kantara, directed by Rishabh-Shetty, was released on OTT on amazon Prime Video on 24 November. However, it is only available in kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. The hindi version is expected to come on Netflix later.

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